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Buffalo Girls

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Buffalo Bill And Deadwood Dick Essay

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In a letter to her daughter back East, Martha Jane is not shy about her own importance: "Martha Jane -- better known as Calamity -- is just one of the handful of aging legends who travel to London as part of Buffalo Bill Cody's Wild West Show in Buffalo Girls. BUFFALO GIRLS is another fine novel that expresses McMurtry’s love for the American West.

He has been equally successful in rendering the West as it was and the West as it has become. Yearning for the excitement and good hunting of the pk Wild West, two mountain men and an old Indian scout dejectedly roam the prairie; an aging Calamity Jane composes brooding letters to her daughter.

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“Buffalo Gals” is an example of a song with a complicated “life.” Tracing the background of an old folksong or folk tune can be difficult, and often its origins can only be surmised.

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Essays on buffalo girls
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Buffalo Girls by Larry McMurtry